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What I hope from this little venture is to make it easier for people who loves books and bargains to surf through & shop for cheap books online.
My intent is to spread these books around and reinvest their values into new readers.

The books are second-hand of course and comes with faults here and there. But I feel that gives them character. Personally, I love wondering where these books come from and who has read them before. I hope you will come to feel the same way too...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Man and Wife by Tony Parsons


Harry Silver is ready to try again at living "happily ever after." It won't be easy: not when he has to juggle his wife, his ex-wife, his son, his stepdaughter, his work, and his new wife's fast-growing career. Did Harry commit to marriage to Cyd too soon after his split with Gina? Can you love -- really love -- a child who is not your own? Can you be a good father to a child you only see on the weekends? When Harry meets a woman who makes him question all these things and more, his tangled web becomes even more knotty.

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