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What I hope from this little venture is to make it easier for people who loves books and bargains to surf through & shop for cheap books online.
My intent is to spread these books around and reinvest their values into new readers.

The books are second-hand of course and comes with faults here and there. But I feel that gives them character. Personally, I love wondering where these books come from and who has read them before. I hope you will come to feel the same way too...

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Maximise Your Brain Power

Category: Self-Improvement
Type: Hardcover
Condition: Good
Price: RM30

Did you know that meditation and sleep can be used to enhance creativity? Or that it may be possible to raise your IQ - and have fun doing it? How do we learn? Why do we forget? What makes us tick? In Maximise Your Brain Power these are exactly the kind of things you'll discover with in-depth investigation into the latest theories. Use the 55 different quizzes, puzzles and exercises to learn important skills such as remembering figures, names and faces, overcoming phobias or avoiding conflicts with colleagues and friends.

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