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My intent is to spread these books around and reinvest their values into new readers.

The books are second-hand of course and comes with faults here and there. But I feel that gives them character. Personally, I love wondering where these books come from and who has read them before. I hope you will come to feel the same way too...

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Your Cooking Questions Answered

Category: Cooking
Type: Hardcover
Condition: Good as new
Price: RM30

Cooking Questions:
  • What is the difference between braising and stewing?
  • Is there a way to save a cake that's failed?
  • Is it safe to eat all the bush foods that grow wild in Australia?
  • Is the such a thing as healthy hamburgers?
  • can all low-fat spreads be used successfully in cooking?
  • ...and many more..

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