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My intent is to spread these books around and reinvest their values into new readers.

The books are second-hand of course and comes with faults here and there. But I feel that gives them character. Personally, I love wondering where these books come from and who has read them before. I hope you will come to feel the same way too...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Message from Hell by AJ Quinnell

Category: Fiction
Type: Paperback
Condition: Slightly worn and yellowed cover, browned pages
Price: RM10

The latest Creasy adventure takes our hero to Vietnam and Cambodia, ostensibly on a mission to rescue a US serviceman taken prisoner twenty-six years earlier during the Vietnam war. In reality, however, the mission is a decoy organised by a sadistic Eurasain woman, Connie Crum, who is a high-ranking officer of the Khmer Rouge. She has long harboured a grudge against Creasy who was responsible for the death of her father. A cat and mouse game between the two principles ensues, as each tries to out guess the other, resulting in a climactic shoot-out in a heavily mined and guarded Buddhist temple hidden in the Cambodian jungle.

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