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Friday, October 30, 2009

Reader's Digest: Select Editions 4

Category: Fiction (Condensed Version)
Type: Hardcover
Condition: As good as new
Price: RM20

1. The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth
2. Sun at Midnight by Rosie Thomas
3. Echo Park by Michael Connelly
4. Messenger of Truth by Jacqueline Winspear


  1. This is the second series of Select editions books I have read. I enjoyed 1. The Scarecrow, 2. Heaven's Keep, 3. The Art of Racing is taking some to develope and 4. The French Gardener was OK. The last two books I read were a little so on action. But, I have enjoyed the two series and the writers are different enough that each story and each story teller keeps your interest. Beats watching the tube.

  2. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the Select addition you sent to me; I finished the book yesterday. All four novels were excellent. Thank you so much.

  3. I like the monthly magazine and have enjoyed many of the products I've gotten. Right now I want to tell you I like the Swelect Editions--thevariety of subjects, the content,etc. I"m happy about all of it. I"m 95 and will continue to order as long as possible. Thank you very much. Catherine Evans

  4. I love reading your books. My dad buys the reader's digest book,reads it than I read it, then my daughter reads it. I like the fact that you take the story but edit swear words and sexual content, so that we are left with a great story anyone can read. How ever "scarecrow" had too many graphic details for my liking. please don't start allowing horrid details of crimes to filter into the books. We just want a nice read.

  5. To who It may Concern:

    Hi, This Book Crossfire. By DICK FRANCIS AND FELIX FRANCIS,

    Is very interest, Reason why I said that it give you every detail, and every step, i love that, Personal I don"t like to Read special or Digest, accept when I am in school i just Browse to my book not even red it it browse to it. but for some reason this story cough to my eye, i like it, it just give you every detail, what happen when, the time, i like thing like that. But only part i doesn't really like is that an the very end the final, it just give you so little detail, i don't tell you what happen to the rest of rest of another con, if they have slap on the wrist as usual like those rich folk, if they went away for long time. But another then that it was good like it B+

  6. I just finished my first select editions. The Scarecrow, The French Gardener, Heaven's Keep and The Art of Racing in the Rain. Thank you so much for sending me this book. I am a avid reader and this book was awsome. I love how each book was different and subjects changed. They all caught my interest within the first few pages. I especially loved the French Gardener. I acutually cried reading this book. It was well written. Thank you so much Jamie

  7. Several friends and I have formed a Reader's Digest Book reading club. We are most dismayed with your recent choice of books. Previously We all enjoy these, but since you have started putting one condensed horror story in each book, we no longer trust you to give us wholesome stories. I used to buy books from you, and joined this group to see types of stories you were now condensing, with plans to rejoin. I am totally displeased with your choices: in each recent book you have included a horror story including torture. I refer to stories such as "Never Look Away' in volumes4 2011, "The Sentry" in volume 3 2011, "Buried Secrets" in volume 5 2011, and other recent volumes. We are the retired segment of our U.S. population who have time to read and the money to buy books. We are the generation who prefers books to T.V. We are the customers you want to please. By the time we reach this age we have all seen enough bad things first hand, that we do not wish to have this type of story included in our supposedly quality condensed books coming into our homes. We are not pleased. My friends and I who have been appraising your recent additions will not buy books from your firm since you no longer stand for quality stories. Sincerely, Anne B. Krickel

  8. Please do not send me anymore books. I'm
    sorry but I don't have time lately to read.
    I will let you know when I am ready.

    Joan Hebert,
    1815 ChLebeau,
    Wentworth-Nord Qc J0T 1Y0

  9. The books that I would like to read in the Select Editios are James Pattersons, Mary Higgins Clarks, and Carol Higgins Clarks books

  10. Author Amy Hill Hearth Miss Dreamsville. Boring, boring, boring. Hope there are no more stories by this lady.


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