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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad's Films

Yasmin Ahmad's Films by Amir Muhammad
Date of purchase: 4th December 2009
Place: Borders Bookstore, The Curve

I discovered this book by chance (it's the best way of finding a good read.. without expecting it) while browsing the store. I had no idea of the writing or publishing of this book. So seeing it displayed on the shelf was a pleasant surprise. The book easily drew me in because 1. I've always wanted to read Mr. Amir Muhammad's work (as we've shared tents a couple of times selling books.. Hi Mr. Amir, I don't know if you remember me) 2. I love the humanity in Yasmin Ahmad's movies, and I have only seen a couple of them, so this will be a good chance of seeing through reading, and 3. at the back of the book it says 'All the writer's royalties from the first edition will be donated to the MERCY -Yasmin Ahmad Fund for Children.' This is the first edition, published in November 2009. I love charities, so I was hooked.

The book gives us an insight of 6 of Yasmin Ahmad's movies, Rabun, Sepet, Gubra, Mukhsin, Muallaf, Talentime, twelve of her commercials and 2 internet shorts. It basically highlights the hidden meanings behind the words, scenes and symbols she uses in her work. I am neither a good writer nor a qualified reviewer, so I think I shall not go on trying to evaluate so much. I just wanted to share and highlight the existence of this book (not that I think it needs any assistance in making itself known). I just thought sharing is caring. So there you go. The next time you enter a bookstore, look for it.

I'm still reading the book. After completing it, I think I'm gonna go out there and look for her movies. Stay home, watch them, and drown myself in the thought of us losing such a great talent. Malaysia does need more Yasmin Ahmads. I hope the future brings in more people like her. People who are not afraid to show they have big hearts.

As an end note, I'd like to share a line Mr Amir Muhammad wrote in this book, '..God will never give us more than we can handle.' I heard the same phrase spoken to me just a few weeks back by my best friend. When I read it, the words just spoke out to me and I wanted to share it. I'm not sure what it'll mean to you. But it means a great deal to me.

Thanks for your time reading...

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